Bokeh effect in Orion

Notice the colors of Orion’s stars in this photo that’s slightly out-of-focus. Chirag Upreti wrote: “This is a ‘bokeh effect,’ and turns out it works really well on celestial bodies!”

Constellation Orion the Hunter, using the bokeh effect, by Chirag Upreti. He calls this image “Peeking Orion.”

Chirag Upreti shot this photo of the very recognizable constellation Orion the Hunter – known for its colorful and bright stars – in late December 2016 at Croton Point Park in New York. He used the bokeh effect, a way of shooting to keep part of the photo soft and out-of-focus. Chirag wrote:

Orion could be seen peeking just beyond the winter foliage. I wanted to capture the color spectrum between its stars, especially Betelgeuse, Meissa and Rigel that are distinct along with the winter foliage in the foreground.

The stars are deliberately out of focus to accentuate their colors, while keeping the foliage in focus. This is a ‘bokeh effect’ and turns out it works really well on celestial bodies!

Sony A6000, 55mm, f/4.5, 4 sec exposure at ISO 4000

Orion the Hunter easy to spot in January

What is the bokeh effect in photography?

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Thank you, Chirag!

Deborah Byrd