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Analemma of the moon, from Hong Kong

Positions of moon in different phases forming a large loop over buildings and hills.
View at EarthSky Community Photos. | A lunar analemma is the figure-8 shape traced by the moon if photographed 50 minutes and 29 seconds (1.035028 days) later on successive days over a period of a month. It’s a project that requires patience, commitment, and time to capture, which is exactly what Matthew Chin executed with his submission on June 19, 2021, from Yuen Long, Hong Kong. He wrote: “We can photograph the moon 50 minutes and 29 seconds (1.035028 days) later on successive days to capture a figure-8 curve in 27 days. This is the lunar analemma. It will be a bit different in shape in every month, at east or west side and in different countries on the Earth.” Thank you, Matthew! We appreciate your submission and share your awe at the beauty of our natural satellite.

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See also: Matthew Chin’s solar analemma from 2014

June 23, 2021
Today's Image

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