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Matthew CHIN
Yuen Long, Hong Kong

Equipment Details:

( Camera: Nikon D750 with 27mm and 300mm lens, no guiding.  Photos are taken with various exposures. )

Post-processing Details:

stack in photoshop

Image Details:

2021年 香港元朗月行跡 Lunar Analemma, in Yuen Long, Hong Kong

Shooting Period 拍攝日期: 2021/5/21 - 2021/6/17 (辛丑年農曆 四月初十日 至 五月初八日)

Many years are passed, and finally I done that in 2021.  Lunar analemma idea occurred actually when I shooted Sun analemma in 2014.

Not the same with Sun analemma, which I took in 2014, Sun analemma is taken on same time in days over the year.
We can photograph the Moon 50 minutes and 29 seconds (1.035028 days) later on successive days, to capture an figure-8 curve in 27 days. This is the Lunar analemma. It will be a bit different in shape in every month, at east or west side and in different countries on the Earth.

Sidereal month is the time it takes the Moon orbits the Earth to a similar position with 27.321 days. 2021/5/26 is total lunar eclipse, I can see the red moon.

The weather condition in Hong Kong is not optimistic, to watch the moon everyday in a month become fairly impossible, so moon is missing in certain days, (new moon is not count as it is invisible).  And moon is shooted nearest possible in cloudy or rainy days in a daily basis.

Final photo is a cumulative of specific time's moons, the figure-8 analemma curve is still able to see.  New moon days are on upper left side while full moon days are on bottom right side on the photo.  Ground view is chosen in my Yuen Long residence estate. It needs around 60*40 degree space, facing east and southeast side, because I shoot moon rising at the east.

© Copyright by Matthew Chin

Typhoon signal No.1 is hoisted by Hong Kong Observatory on June 11 to 12. Pray to the heaven, result is not good enough, but I just get it done. I think of Su Shi’s "Where is the night without moon? Where is there no bamboo and cypress?" It is pity that Hong Kong will have "Where is the night without moon?", so thing should be cherished.