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Video: May 10 ring of fire annular solar eclipse

Geologist and master astrophotographer Colin Legg of Australia released this video today (May 15, 2013). It captures the May 10 annular solar eclipse from three locations in the Pilbara, western Australia. He told EarthSky:

Particularly interesting is the rise at 0:40 second mark. Quite bizarre!

Colin says he and friends placed cameras on the centerline of the eclipse and at the southwest and northwest limits of the path of annularity – the path across Earth’s surface within which the annular eclipse could be seen. Then Colin acquired a 3 Canon 5DmkII + 800 mm timelapse at each location and Canon 1DC + 2000 mm 4K video in the north. He sends a big thanks to Geoff Sims for setting up the south camera, collaborating on site location, transporting lenses and eclipse timing/position calculations.

Musical score by Peter Nanasi.

More amazing sky scenes from Colin Legg:

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Cool May 10 eclipse image from Geoff Sims:

Flattened ring of fire eclipse

Bottom line: Beautiful video of May 10, 2013 ring of fire annular eclipse by astrophotographer Colin Legg. He captured these scenes using three cameras along the ecliptic path in western Australia.

May 15, 2013
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