Video: Spectacular view of Milky Way in time lapse

It’s a test video for a future IMAX film, from astrophotographer Colin Legg in Australia, where the Milky Way can be seen in all its glory. Awesome!

Australia’s Colin Legg – whose Facebook page is here – has posted a spectacular view of the Milky way in time lapse. The video is a five-camera panorama, covering 155 degrees of sky, reduced from 10K of source footage, part of a multiday sequence obtained for a future IMAX film called In Saturn’s Ring. Watch the video below, or check out Colin’s Vimeo page, where you’ll find lots of amazing astrophotography and videos. And do yourself a favor … expand to your whole screen.

Colin said on Facebook that this is a test video for the IMAX film. He said:

… in brief it involved a lot of equipment, stress and time alone in the wilderness. :)

We appreciate it, Colin! Thanks also to EarthSky blogger Shireen Gonzaga, for pointing this video out to us. She noticed that:

You get a sense of it as a galaxy in space, orbited by two satellites, the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds.

Didn’t notice the Magellanic Clouds? They’re on the left of the screen, around the the the starlit band of the Milky Way is setting below the horizon.

Bottom line: Amazing panoramic video of Milky Way galaxy, created by astrophotographer Colin Legg of Australia.

Deborah Byrd