What is a waning gibbous moon?

The waning gibbous moon falls between the full and last quarter moon. Watch for it to rise late at night. Or see it in the west in the morning.

Hunter’s Moon falls on October 9 in 2022

The Hunter's Moon - full moon following the Harvest Moon - is on October 9 in 2022. The bright object near the full moon is our solar system's largest planet, Jupiter.

2022’s September full moon is the Harvest Moon

The September full moon – the Harvest Moon – happens overnight on September 9-10, 2022. This full moon lies near Jupiter in the constellation Aquarius.

Closest supermoon of 2022 is July 13

The closest supermoon of the year will be today! On July 13, 2022. The moon will lie 222,089 miles (357,418 km) from Earth.

What is a waning crescent moon?

A waning crescent moon can be found in the east before sunrise. It's waning toward new moon, that's when the moon will be between the Earth and the sun.

2021 moon phases, with distances from Earth

2021 moon phases in a chart format. Dates closest to new moon provide the darkest skies and the best opportunities for stargazing and meteor-watching.

People sleep less before a full moon

Researchers find that whether you live in a rural or urban environment, your sleep patterns are affected by the full moon. On the nights leading up to full moon, people fall asleep later and sleep less overall.

Do we all see the same moon phase?

No matter where you are on the globe, we all see the same moon. So why do photos from a distant location sometimes look different from what you're seeing?

Moon phases 2021 in text format

Read a list of the phases of the moon for all of 2021.

Quarter moon or a half moon?

Half the moon always faces us. And half the moon is always lit by the sun. But, in the language of astronomers, there are no 'half moons.'