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July supermoon photo gallery from our readers

July supermoon: Tall red and white striped lighthouse with full moon behind the very top.
View at EarthSky Community Photos. | Makrem Larnaout in Sfax, Tunisia, captured this image of the moon and Thina Lighthouse on July 2, 2023. Makrem wrote: “The moon’s gentle embrace seems to merge seamlessly with the majestic beam of the Thina Lighthouse, creating a breathtaking spectacle that captivates the senses. Witnessing this celestial alignment is a reminder of the intricate wonders that exist in our world. It’s a reminder to pause, marvel, and appreciate the remarkable synchronicity of nature and human creations.” Thank you, Makrem! Enjoy more photos of the July supermoon below.

Did you see the full supermoon on July 2-3, 2023? If not, don’t worry, you have three more chances coming up! August will have two supermoons (including a blue supermoon) and September will have one supermoon. In the meantime, enjoy these fabulous pictures of July’s supermoon from our readers.

July supermoon photo gallery

A glowing full moon with a pasture in front with hay bales in dim lighting.
View at EarthSky Community Photos. | Don Lynch in Oakland, Maryland, captured this image on July 2, 2023. Don wrote: “Taken from the backyard across farmland.” Thank you, Don!
Tops of 2 tall buildings at night with deep orange moon behind.
View at EarthSky Community Photos. | Alexander Krivenyshev of shared this image from Manhattan, New York, on July 2, 2023. Alexander wrote: “Glimpse of the full Thunder Moon (99.4%) before being covered by thunderstorm clouds nearby.” Thank you, Alexander!
Large yellow moon over distant hill, in dry brushy desert landscape.
View at EarthSky Community Photos. | Kamala Venkatesh in Ramona, California, captured this image on July 2, 2023. Kamala wrote: “Ramona Grassland Preserve is in the rural area of San Diego County. Beautiful grassland dotted with grazing cows and layers of mountains and undulating hills with groupings of big beautiful boulders make up for the foreground. The full Buck Moon of July 2023 is the first of 4 supermoons of the year!” Thank you, Kamala!

More full moon photos

Large full moon with silhouette of tall, vertical trees, probably firs, in front.
View at EarthSky Community Photos. | Stephanie Becker in Soda Springs, California, captured this image on July 2, 2023. Stephanie wrote: “The Buck Moon rising over Mt. Judah at Sugar Bowl Ski Resort.” Thank you, Stephanie!
Shreds of dark clouds crossing an orange full moon in deep slate blue sky.
View at EarthSky Community Photos. | Christoph Stopka in Westcliffe, Colorado, captured this image on July 2, 2023. Christoph wrote: “Last night’s first of 4 supermoons turned out to be a bit on the dramatic or moody side. Just before moonrise a thunderstorm had rolled through the area. The moon rose behind the foothills (with that one lone tree!) of the Wet Mountain range through thick, dark clouds, illuminated deep-orange by the last rays of the sun, setting behind the southern Rocky Mountains.” Thank you, Christoph!
Village with many trees and houses in the foregorund. Orange mountain and moon as the background, on a orange horizon.
View at EarthSky Community Photos. | Michael Dare in Seattle, Washington, captured this image on July 2, 2023. Michael wrote: “Mount Rainier from my living room window in the International District.” Lovely view. Thank you, Michael!

Full moon photos on July 3

Bright white moon with clear and visible features, and clouds behind it.
View at EarthSky Community Photos. | Fausto Lubatti in Melegnano, Lombardy, Italy, captured this image on July 3, 2023. Read more about the equipment used to take this photo and the image details here. Thank you, Fausto!
Yellowish full moon in the background. A branch with leaves hides the moon.
View at EarthSky Community Photos. | Brandi Mullins in Bassett, Virginia, took this photo on July 3, 2023. Brandi wrote: “Last night the full supermoon – the Buck Moon – was shining so beautifully and brightly in the sky. This view never gets old.” Thank you, Brandi!

Full moon brightness

Very bright light at the bottom right. Starry sky as the background.
View at EarthSky Community Photos. | Jeremy Likness in Dallas, Oregon, captured this image on July 2, 2023. Jeremy wrote: “I’m often asked if it’s possible to shoot the Milky Way during a full moon. Of course, the best time is when there is no moon. I couldn’t resist seeing what would happen if I tried on an exceptionally clear night in Oregon. So from the Basket Slough wildlife preserve I took a 45-second shot of the Milky Way while the moon was right in front. I captured dust motes, lens flare, a blazing bright moon … and the Milky Way.” Very nice experiment. Thank you, Jeremy!

Bottom line: Enjoy these great photos of the July supermoon. It’s the first of four supermoons in a row. August will have two supermoons and September will have one.

July 4, 2023
Moon Phases

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