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Classical illustration of the constellation Virgo the Maiden, via constellationsofwords.com
Science Wire | May 12, 2016

Virgo? Here’s your constellation

The constellation Virgo the Maiden fully returns to the early evening sky – with her feet planted on the eastern horizon – by early May.

Via Urania's Mirror
Tonight | Apr 11, 2016

Leo? Here’s your constellation

Late March, April and May are superb months for identifying Leo the Lion. How to spot it, its history, and the telescopic wonders in this region of the sky.

Image credit: Wikipedia
Tonight | Feb 08, 2016

Gemini? Here’s your constellation

Several ways to find the constellation Gemini, plus some of the sky lore and mythology associated with this constellation.

Image via Urania's Mirror
Tonight | Jan 21, 2016

Taurus? Here’s your constellation

Is Taurus your favorite constellation? This post tells you how to find it in the night sky – names some of its bright stars and star clusters – and gives you its mythology.

Aries the Ram. Image credit: Old Book Art image Gallery
Science Wire | Dec 02, 2015

Aries? Here’s your constellation

How and when to see the constellation Aries in the night sky, plus info about this constellation in the history of astronomy and in mythology.

Tonight | Nov 10, 2015

Close-up on constellation Auriga the Charioteer

Auriga the Charioteer is easy to spot on these November nights. Come to know its bright star Capella and the little asterism called The Kids.

Science Wire | Nov 03, 2015

Pisces? Here’s your constellation

How to see the constellation Pisces. Plus sky lore and science.

Cassiopeia via smokymtnastro.org
Tonight | Oct 14, 2015

Close-up on constellation Cassiopeia the Queen

Once she was known as the Lady of the Chair. Now she’s considered a Queen, but she still suffers the indignity of being often upside-down.

Blogs | Tonight | Oct 14, 2015

Found Cassiopeia? Now look for Perseus

Perseus follows Cassiopeia across the night sky. It’s fainter, but has a graceful shape and some of the sky’s most interesting stars and star clusters.

Aquarius via Old Book Art Image Gallery
Tonight | Oct 12, 2015

Aquarius? Here’s your constellation

Look for Aquarius the Water Bearer this month. How to find it, its famous Water Jar asterism, and a few stories from the ancient myths.

Science Wire | Sep 03, 2015

Capricornus? Here’s your constellation

The constellation Capricornus the Sea-goat. How to see it, and how a sea-goat came to reside among the stars.

Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer via Wikimedia Commons.
Tonight | Aug 19, 2015

Born between November 29 and December 18? Here’s your constellation

This is a good time to look for Ophiuchus in your sky. Plus, some deep-sky treasures it contains.

Tonight | Aug 06, 2015

Sagittarius? Here’s your constellation

You can see the constellation Sagittarius on August evenings. Look here for the lore and science of this constellation.

Scorpius, via Constellation of Words
Tonight | Jul 03, 2015

Scorpius? Here’s your constellation

The constellation Scorpius is easy to find. It looks like its namesake.

Libra the Scales from
Tonight | Jun 04, 2015

Libra? Here’s your constellation

In skylore, Libra the Scales is an age-old symbol of divine justice, harmony and balance. Plus its two brightest stars have the coolest of all star names.

Image credit: Wikipedia
Tonight | Mar 07, 2014

Cancer? Here’s your constellation

Looking for the constellation Cancer? How to find it here. Plus Cancer’s place in sky history, lore and science.