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Video: Shielded versus unshielded lighting

Video: Shielded versus unshielded lighting

Jeremy Evans – who volunteers for the International Dark Sky Association (IDA) wrote in an email to EarthSky:

Hello, I’m a long-time subscriber and amateur astronomer. I wanted to share this video I made showing the benefits of dark sky approved lighting to help combat light pollution.

Thank you, Jeremy!

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Shielded versus unshielded lighting: Light fixtures on pole in desert. The unshielded one is very bright! The other barely visible.
It might look at first as if there’s a single light shining in this desert night sky (about 2 hours east of Los Angeles). But there are really 2 separate light fixtures here, one shielded and one unshielded. Both are turned on, illuminated by a 20-watt bulb. Watch the video above, from Jeremy Evans of the International Dark Sky Association (IDA), showing how shielded lighting can help preserve the night. Thank you, Jeremy!

Bottom line: A video giving a dramatic demonstration of the benefits for stargazing of shielded light fixtures.

January 12, 2022
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