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Russia’s Nauka module en route to ISS

Russia's Nauka module: A star field. One object (the nova) is in brackets. The other object (the module) is a long streak.
View at EarthSky Community Photos. | Veteran amateur astronomer Filipp Romanov in Russia caught this image on July 21, 2021. It shows the trail of the Nauka module, launched by Russia on July 21 and now headed for the International Space Station. Russia’s Nauka module is due to arrive at the space station and dock with it on July 29. Filipp said he estimated Nauka’s brightness at +2 magnitude. Also pictured is bright Nova Cas 2021 (V1405 Cas). According to Space News, there are reports that Nauka suffered some problems after reaching orbit. Space controllers were apparently unable to confirm that an antenna and docking target deployed as expected. And there were issues with infrared sensors and thrusters. Jeff Foust at Space News wrote: “It wasn’t immediately clear how serious the problems were and if they would affect plans for docking.” Nauka, Russian for science, is the first module (other than airlocks and docking adapters) to be added to ISS since 2016.

Read more: Russia launches Nauka module to International Space Station

July 28, 2021
Today's Image

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