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Sunrises this weekend

Graham Telford in Bridlington, UK wrote on Sunday, January 21, 2018 that he was “up and out before 7 a.m., walking down the frozen sand.”
Vijayabala Srinivasan wrote on Saturday, January 20 2018: “This picture was taken in Salisbury Beach State Park in Massachusetts. My friend and I were looking to get a picture of a snowy owl and went to this location. We did not see any snowy owls, but managed to get the sunrise.”
Kwong Liew in San Francisco captured this sunrise on Saturday, January 20 and wrote: “Image was taken from Sausalito looking back at the San Francisco skyline. Arrived about 40 minutes before sunrise to set up, calculations from TPE and PhotoPills show the sun would be rising behind Coit Tower. A series of images were taken and I processed the one where the sun is aligned on top of the tower.”
January 22, 2018
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