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Photos and video: December 4 total solar eclipse

Photos and video: December 4, 2021, total solar eclipse

The total solar eclipse of December 4, 2021, took place over Antarctica and the Southern Ocean. So only a lucky few saw it from the ground. Others saw it from ships or airplanes. And a very, very lucky few say it from space! Meanwhile, NASA showed a great live stream of the eclipse, which you can see in this post (below). And some in our community traveled to far southern locations and posted photos. Wow! Always beautiful. First, here’s NASA’s live stream…

You can replay NASA’s livestream of the eclipse here.

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12 views of sun, from full through crescent to totally eclipsed and back.
Our friend Swami Krishnananda in India wrote: “… Thanks to internet, I was able to watch it from beginning to the end – from about 12 noon our time, up to about 2:15 p.m. our time. NASA made it possible by giving a live show on Youtube. I could take many screen shots and composed the following photo, showing the eclipse progress from the beginning to totality in the upper row of the photo, and from totality back to normal in the bottom row. Hope you will enjoy this dance of Nature.” Thank you, Swami Krishnananda!

A man bundled in a red jacket and hat, in an icy place, holding up 2 fingers in a V.
Solar physicist C. Alex Young, an EarthSky contributor, was one who traveled to the eclipse via ship. He sent in this image shortly before the eclipse took place and wrote: “Hi, from just east of the South Orkney Islands. Ship is heading close to center line. Hope to have some items to share from the path of totality … Clear skies!” Thank you, Alex!

Bottom line: Photos of the December 4, 2021, total solar eclipse over Antarctica, from the EarthSky Community.

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December 4, 2021
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