See it! Best photos of moon and Venus on September 8

Yesterday evening (September 8, 2013), the moon swept past the planet Venus in the west after sunset. Our friends across the globe shared their photos of Venus and the moon in their skies. As the line of sunsets swept westward around the globe, the images came first from Australia and New Zealand, then Asia, the Middle East, Europe and finally the Americas. As the day passed, we could see from the images that the moon was drawing closer and closer to Venus. Why? Because the moon is moving in orbit around Earth, and its movement across half a day is noticeable in the sky. You can see that movement of the moon by looking at the photos below, from top to bottom.

If you had cloudy skies, or were stuck inside – or just want to relive the beauty of last night’s evening twilight sky – here are some of the best views of the spectacular moon-Venus pairing of September 8, 2013.

Thanks to all who posted on EarthSky’s Facebook and Google+ pages! We wish we could have used every single photo in this gallery, and we appreciate you all.

Ipswich,Queensland, Australia. Photo credit: Matthew Paul
On EarthSky’s social media pages, we began seeing Venus-moon photos early in the day on September 8, since night had already fallen in Australia and New Zealand. This one is from our friend Matthew Paul in Ipswich, Queensland, Australia. Thank you, Matthew.
India. Photo credit: Rajib
Here’s another one from India. Photo via Rajib Maji
Grand Mosque in Kuwait. Photo credit:Abdulmajeed Alshatti
This is the moon and VEnus on September 8, 2013, over the Grand Mosque in Kuwait. Photo via EarthSky Facebook friend Abdulmajeed Alshatti
Egypt. Photo credit: Mohammed Hatata
Moon and Venus as seen from Egypt. Photo via our friend Mohammed Hatata
Kozani, Macedonia, Greece. Photo credit: Nikos Matiakis
Nikos Matiakis sent in this photo from Kozani, Macedonia, Greece.
Pedrag Agatonovic in Serbia captured this beautiful image.
Pedrag Agatonovic in Serbia captured this beautiful image.
Budapest, Hungary. Photo credit: Jozef Deak
The moon and Venus as seen on September 8 from Budapest, Hungary. Photo via Jozef Deak, who caught the pair just as the sun was setting. That’s why the sky is blue. Yesterday was the best day of 2013 to catch Venus in daylight.
Spain. Photo credit: Antonio Costa
The moon and Venus as seen from Spain. Photo via Antonio Costa
Near occultation. Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Photo credit: Crístian-Rubert.
As seen from parts of South America, the moon actually passed in front of Venus. Astronomers call this kind of event an occultation. Crístian Rubert captured this photo from Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, shortly before the occultation began.
Sao Paulo, Brazil. Photo credit: Igor Alexandre
Another beauty from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Why is the angle different from the photos taken in the Northern Hemisphere? It’s just an effect of perspective, between one part of Earth and another. Photo via Igor Alexandre
Anguilla, British West Indies. Photo credit: Kristin Bourn
Kristin Bourn captured this shot from Anguilla, British West Indies.
Brookline, Massachusetts. Photo credit: Eileen Claffey
One of our favorite photographers, Eileen Claffey, got this beautiful image from Brookline, Massachusetts.
Oyster Pond, Cape Cod, Chatham, Massachusetts. Photo credit: Phyllis Mandel
Phyllis Mandel is another wonderful photographer, who captured the moon and Venus at Oyster Pond, Cape Cod, Chatham, Massachusetts.
Fort Worth, Texas. Photo credit: Sundog Art Photography
Sundog Art Photography in Fort Worth, Texas captured this image. See more photos from Sundog here.
Waxahachie, Texas. Photo credit: Tracy Lynn Jones
Tracy Lynn Jones in Waxahachie, Texas sent in this beautiful shot.
New Albany, Indiana. Photo credit: Duke March
Duke Marsh captured this image from New Albany, Indiana.
Little Rock, Arkansas. Photo credit: Nathan Scott James/Central Arkansas Astronomical Society
Nathan Scott James of Central Arkansas Astronomical Society captured this photo in Little Rock.
San Cristobal, New Mexico. Photo credit: Geraint Smith
Geraint Smith of San Cristobal, New Mexico posted this photo. Thank you, Geraint! See more of Geraint Smith’s photos here.
September 9, 2013

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