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Crepuscular rays: Photos from our readers

Those beams of light shooting out from the horizon or down from the clouds are called crepuscular rays, or sunrays. Beautiful, mysterious and very noticeable.

Why NASA sent tiny water bears into space

A new experiment aboard the ISS is studying tardigrades - aka water bears - to better understand how they tolerate extreme environments, including the one astronauts experience in space.

Say hello to the world’s biggest iceberg

The world's biggest Iceberg - named A-76- cracked off of Antarctica in late May.

NOAA predicts another active Atlantic hurricane season in 2021

NOAA is predicting a busier-than-usual hurricane season for 2021. Although hurricane season officially starts June 1, subtropical storm Ana - which formed early Saturday off the coast of Bermuda - has already become the season’s 1st named storm.

Earliest evidence of humans changing their world with fire

Stone Age artifacts excavated near the shores of Lake Malawi in eastern Africa, combined with evidence drawn from the lakebed itself, provides the earliest evidence of ancient humans using fire to enhance their world.

Warmer ocean temperatures may decrease Saharan dust crossing the Atlantic

Every year millions of tons of dust from the Sahara Desert are swirled up into the atmosphere and carried across the Atlantic. Research suggests that, as the climate changes, Saharan dust transport will decrease.

First aerial color image of Mars

Color image of the Martian surface, captured by the Ingenuity Mars helicopter.

Climate has shifted axis of Earth, says study

New research suggests that loss of water on land through ice melting and human-caused factors is changing the movement of Earth's North and South Poles.

More than 5,000 tons of space dust fall to Earth each year

Dust shed from comets and asteroids constantly rains down on our planet. How much of this extraterrestrial material lands on Earth’s surface?

Saving a humpback whale

Take 3 minutes to watch a feel-good video of a team of responders saving a humpback whale in distress.