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Video: Moonlight skating in Sweden

Master sky photographer Göran Strand of Sweden – whose beautiful photo The Father, The Son and the Moon is also featured here at EarthSky this week – mentioned a couple of days ago that he soon would have something more “exotic” to show us. Today (December 10, 2014), he wrote with word of a new video he’s just completed and posted at YouTube. He wrote:

Now I finished the movie showing me and a couple of my friends tour skating on a frozen lake near Östersund, Sweden [a couple of nights ago]. This night was really magic, no wind, lots of ice crystals in the air and an almost full moon that shined upon us during our two hours out on the ice. To the right of the moon, you can see the constellation of Orion and, down left of the moon, you can see planet Jupiter shining brightly.

Nights like these are almost to good to be true.

Hope you like it.

We love it. Thank you for sharing it, Göran.

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December 11, 2014

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