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Our best images of Earth for Earth Day 2022

Images of Earth to celebrate Earth Day

For this Earth Day 2022, enjoy a photo gallery of Earth images – taken through the years by members of the EarthSky community – capturing the beauty and grandeur of the planet we call home.

Images of Earth: Milky Way over mountains and desert landscape with golden glow.
The Milky Way and desert landscape in this photo from Volcano Peak in the Silver Island Mountains, Utah, have a golden glow. This 2022 image is via Marc Toso.
Pink horizon over snowcapped mountains and blue water, man standing with arms spread at peak.
Harry Haldeman in Lake Wanaka, New Zealand, shared this photo of his hike to Roys Peak in 2022.
Small bird surrounded by blooms with one in its mouth.
Stephanie Becker in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, took this image of a house finch and spring blooms in 2022.
Brownish bear standing and looking over shoulder.
Sheryl Garrison captured an image of this bear in 2021, at Waterton Lakes National Park in Canada.
Dark blue sky with a starry band of the Milky Way, reflected in dark glassy water.
View larger at EarthSky Community Photos. | Mullinger Swamp, South Australia via John Carter in 2019.
Tall, thin waterfall on rocky cliff lit by an orange glow.
For a couple of weeks during the year – if the western horizon stays clear – the last few minutes of daylight fall perfectly on Yosemite National Park’s Horsetail Falls, making it glow as if on fire. Photographers call it the firefall. @MikeMezPhoto at Instagram shared this photo with the EarthSky community in 2019.
Curtains of green light reflected in still lake with trees on distant edge.
Northern lights in Alaska in 2017 by Manish Mamtani Photography.
Bright moon and planet over rocky cliff coast with very big rock in the sea.
The moon and Venus in 2018, over the UK’s Isle of Wight, via Ainsley Bennett Photography.
Divided short waterfalls over green rocks, lots of tall bare trees.
Photographer Tom Wildoner wrote in 2017, “This is an area inside Lehigh Gorge State Park, Pennsylvania, that I have named ‘Mossy Glen’. A wonderful secluded spot with moss-covered rocks as far as you can see, gentle running water always running around and over them.”
Blanket of yellow flowers under spring tree foliage.
Big Creek Greenway, Cumming, Georgia. 2017 photo via Jessica Schilke.
Purple wildflowers on green rolling hills, mountain in background.
Sharr Mountains National park, Kosovo. Photo shared in 2014 by Yzer Berisha.
Single flower, yellow petals glowing, viewed from below against blue sky.
Shared via our friend Neha Golwala in India, in 2013, who wrote, “Earth laughs in flowers.”
Pearls of water on grass, in the morning, as captured by VegaStar Carpentier in 2013.
Alley with trees on both sides covered in white blooms diminishing into distance.
Cherry trees blooming in Antelope Valley, California, by Kerri Willerford.
Blanket of blue flowers in partly sunny woodland, large trees in background.
A bluebell woodland in Blairgowrie, Scotland. Photo by Alison Moodie. She writes, “It is silent and the air is full of the perfume of a million wild bluebells.”
Yellow butterfly on burgundy marigold flower.
A common leopard butterfly enjoys the nectar of a marigold in Pune, India. Image via Lakshmi Ravishankar.
Ominous clouds with streaks of red rain from sunset and saguaro cactus in foreground.
Eliot Herman shared this image of rain glowing red from the sunset in Tucson, Arizona.
Saucer-shaped cloud hanging solitary above flat cracked brown desert.
Yuri Beletsky captured this lenticular cloud on a mid-December night in the Chilean Andes Mountains.
Sunlight slants through trees with a path in the forest.
Sunrays stream through the trees in Lower Saxony, Germany. Image via Wolfram Garten.
Stars above, clouds lit from below, many faraway lightning strikes.
Starry skies and lightning strikes over Central Valley, California. Composite image by Scott Toste.
Sea stack with many layers surrounded by blue water and waves.
This seastack – “Dun Briste” (pronounced-doon brishtha) – lies off the North Mayo coast at Ballycastle, Ireland. Image via Noel Kelly.
Brown mountains receding into misty distance under yellowing sky.
Happy Earth Day from Karthik Easvur. Valley in Mahabaleshwar Hill Station in India.
Pebbles on bare ground, view from above. One larger reddish one.
Kristal Alaimo-Moritz Klear wrote, “Even the small things matter. San Simeon, California.”
Huge white semicircle over brown field with road and wire fence in foreground.
Lynton Brown of Australia captured this fogbow over a barren field.
Sun glinting through many yellow maple leaves from below.
Fall colors by Rasmi Syamalan.
Silhouettes of a man with his arm raised to throw, 3 golden retrievers, on a beach - yellow-orange sunset background.
Fetch! Seaside, Oregon, at sunset. Image via Dawn Gimbel-Myers.

Bottom line: Enjoy this collection of some of our best images of Earth. Thanks to all who contributed, and have a Happy Earth Day!

April 22, 2022

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