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Winter stars … and Vega?

By Raimie Hedman
The prominent star pattern at the top left of this photo is Orion the Hunter. See his three Belt stars in a row? The two bright stars above the vehicle are the two Dog Stars, Sirius (right) in the constellation Canis Major the Greater Dog and Procyon (left) in the constellation Canis Minor the Lesser Dog. Photo by Raimie Hedman. Visit Raimie Hedman’s website, Juniper Rock Photography

Raimie Hedman in Oregon contributed this photo to EarthSky and wrote:

I was camping along the coast for a week with my dog Vega, and each night Orion and his dogs would be hanging high in the sky above our camp when we went to bed. This particular night was unseasonably clear; the few thin clouds that spread across the lower sky were easily pierced by Sirius and Procyon. Vega (my dog — not the summer Harp Star, of course) even showed up clearly in the 15-second exposure because she was watching intently for raccoon invaders that lived in the brush behind the truck. The glow is from the cities of Florence and Reedsport, Oregon.

Thank you, Raimie!

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February 2, 2015
Today's Image

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