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Frozen bubble

Unprocessed version of a frozen bubble by Jocelyne Dupuis.
Unprocessed photo of a frozen bubble by Jocelyne Dupuis. See the colorized version below. Visit Jocelyne’s page on Facebook.

Jocelyne Dupuis of North Cobalt, Ontario, Canada submitted this interesting image of a frozen soap bubble. She described her process, saying:

Frozen bubbles are beautiful Mother Nature’s Art, interesting to make but not easy as they are very fragile, and a little cold on the hands even with gloves on.

I make my own bubble mixture and blow the bubbles with a straw. The weather needs to be approximately -18 to -22 degrees Celsius (approximately 0 to -7 degrees Fahrenheit). Less cold will not produce as detailed art, and if it’s too cold they will burst before freezing. Each bubble has as a different pattern of foliage frost like art. Adding colored lights or using the sun to the surrounding of the bubble making and photographing will give different effects of colors.

I capture these with a macro 105 lens. Each bubble gives a different picture.

A little cold to do so but very rewarding.

Beautiful, Jocelyne, thank you!

By Jocelyne Dupuis.
Here’s the colorized version. Do you like this version of the unprocessed one better? Tell us in the comments below. Photo by Jocelyne Dupuis.

Bottom line: Jocelyne Dupuis in Canada creates her own frozen bubbles and photographs them.

March 15, 2015
Today's Image

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