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Image via Yuri Beletsky Nightscapes.

Yuri Beletsky captured this image in June 2018. Yuri told us:

‘Arrival.’ This is the first word that crossed my mind when I was setting up the camera to capture this scene at Racetrack Playa in Death Valley in California few days ago.

The landscape is simply mind-blowing! You feel like you’re on a different planet surrounded by familiar stars. In the foreground you can see one of those famous sliding rocks. The Milky Way arc was rising above the mountain ridge and we were lucky to witness beautiful green airglow as well!

To capture this pano I used Nikon #D810a as well as Star Adventurer from Sky-Watcher USA and L-Pro filter from Optolong Filter.

I hope you’ll enjoy the view.

We do enjoy it Yuri! Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

Bottom line: Photo of asliding rock under the Milky Way at Racetrack Playa in California’s Death Valley by Yuri Beletsky.

June 23, 2018
Today's Image

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