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Save me from light

Photo taken April 16, 2015 by Amit Kamble in New Zealand.
Photo taken April 16, 2015 by Amit Kamble in New Zealand.

Amit Kamble submitted this photo – which is beautiful, but sad, too – and which he captured in Muriwai, Auckland, New Zealand. He calls it Save Me From Light. He wrote:

Ever since Edison, Tesla and Hewitt set onto the journey of lighting up the world, we have lost darkness of the night sky with every bulb that was lit.

At first, it was the best thing that happened to mankind. You could now work at night and not have to depend on the sun.

But, with the technological boom and widespread of cities, we have overpowered darkness, and today we hardly have any place on Earth, were we are totally away from lights. This is light pollution and it is taking away our starlit nights. In near future we would not have any left and our children have to read about them in books or hear about how beautiful they from us.

We have to save the night sky, so coming generations can enjoy what we take for granted today.

Start using your lights efficiently. It saves dark sky, resources and your money.

This is an example of light pollution killing the beautiful night sky and taking away the beautiful sight of the Milky Way. This is a shot taken from Muriwai, hilltops. There are four street lights that are unshielded and are kept switched on all night. There are hardly anyone going around at that place, so would be a good idea to install timers or at least shield those lights.

Canon 6D , Samyang 24mm f1.4 lens

White balance and colour correction in Lightroom other contrast and curves adjustment in Photoshop.

Thank you, Amit!

Ideas to prevent light pollution, here.

Bottom line: Photo by Amit Kamble of a light-polluted area in the Muriwai hilltops in New Zealand.

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April 29, 2015
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