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See it! This weekend’s moon near Mars

Moon and Mars – in the 5 o’clock position relative to the moon – rising over the hills of the English Lake District on July 1, 2018, via Adrian Strand.
Moon and Mars on July 1, 2018 from Dennis Chabot of POSNE Night Sky in Massachusetts.
Eliot Herman captured this image of the moon and Mars (lower right) on July 1, 2018. He wrote: “Great view of the pairing in Tucson, Arizona, with the brightening Mars glowing red.”
The moon and Mars, setting, on the morning of July 1, 2018, via Peter Lowenstein in Mutare, Zimbabwe. The bright dot near the horizon is Jupiter.

Bottom line: Want to see the planet Mars? It’ll be easy in the months ahead, because Mars will be so bright. Try EarthSky’s guide to the bright planets. Also, check out this article about why, this month, Mars will be brighter than since 2003.

July 1, 2018
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