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Milky Way center over Pondicherry, India

This photo is aimed toward the center of our Milky Way galaxy, captured on May 18, 2018, by Karthik Easvur in Pondicherry, India. The bright object on the far left is Mars, still brightening, due to get brighter in 2018 than it has been since 2003.

Karthik Easvur submitted this image to EarthSky, saying:

The Milky Way galactic center that you see in this picture is the galactic center of 25,000 years ago … So, basically, it’s a 25,000-year-old picture … But actually, the picture was clicked a few days back… :)

Isn’t this amazing???

Thank you, Karthik, and yes, it is amazing!

May 21, 2018
Today's Image

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