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Meet the Leo Triplet

These galaxies are known as the Leo Triplet. They lie approximately 35 million light-years from Earth. Photo by Trevor Jones.

Trevor Jones said he created a one-hour, 45-minute of a region of the sky within the constellation Leo the Lion, in order to create this wonderful image of the Leo Triplet. He wrote:

The Leo Triplet of galaxies is a wonderful collection of galaxies within the same field of view. Every year around this time, I point my camera and telescope towards these diverse galaxies to improve upon my image from years past. This photo was captured from my backyard in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.

Mount: Sky-Watcher HEQ5
Telescope: Explore Scientific ED102 CF
Camera: ZWO ASI071MC-Cool (Color)
Guide Scope: Altair Astro Starwave 50mm
Guide Camera: Altair Astro GPCAM2

Read more about the Leo Triplet, aka the M66 Group, here

Thank you, Trevor!

May 20, 2017
Today's Image

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