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Like Baily’s Beads

Like Baily's Beads: Multiple thin, slightly irregular thread-like crescents barely separated, in a red sky.
View at EarthSky Community Photos. | Meiying Lee in Taipei, Taiwan, wrote: “Like Baily’s Beads. This is the very fine moon I took in the early morning of September 7, 2021. The moon’s age is 28.5 days and the brightness is 1.2%. I tried to stack 12 extremely thin moon tracks within 55 seconds, and the time interval between each moon was about 5 seconds. The irregular surface of the moon was strengthened, and it seemed as if I saw Baily’s Beads ! It’s just that Baily’s Beads are in the total solar eclipse. The sun passes through the pothole [between mountains and other features on the moon], so the pothole on the sun is bright. But the potholes of this very thin moon are relatively dark!” Here’s some info about Baily’s Beads.
October 11, 2021
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