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Geyser and Milky Way

Image via Nitin J. Sanket.

Photographer Nitin J. Sanket said:

This was shot at Biscuit Basin, Yellowstone National Park near Rainbow Spring. It’s a wonderful location. All the green color you see in the image is natural airglow.

Be careful if you go to this place at night as the amount of steam and pressure increases at night and hot water can splash over you and the camera gear.

Here’s what says about Biscuit Basin:

Biscuit Basin contains a small collection of thermal features. Many, however, are small, gem-like encrusted pools and geysers, including Silver Globe Spring, Sapphire, and Black Opal pools, Jewel, Cauliflower, and Black Pearl geysers. The Firehole River and a highway divide the basin. A smaller group, located east of the river, contains mainly hot springs.

Biscuit Basin got its name in the 1880s from formations in the area that looked like biscuits. However, Sapphire Pool erupted shortly after a 1959 earthquake and obliterated the formations.

Bottom line: Photo of the Milky Way over a geyser in Biscuit Basin in Yellowstone Park.

July 14, 2018
Today's Image

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