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Fogbow over Massachusetts

Photo by Eileen Claffey.
Photo by Eileen Claffey.

EarthSky Facebook friend Eileen Claffey captured this fogbow over a field in Massachusetts yesterday (September 17, 2014). She said it appeared as the fog was lifting over a field.

Fogbows and rainbows are made from the same configuration of sunlight and moisture. That is, you see a fogbow in the direction opposite the sun. But fogbows are caused by the small droplets inside a fog or cloud rather than the larger raindrops that cause rainbows.

Look for fogbows in a thin fog, when the sun is bright. You might see one when the sun breaks through a fog.

Or watch over the ocean; Eileen mentioned a lake was nearby, in the case of the fogbow shown here.

September 18, 2014
Today's Image

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