Crossed contrails, with shadows

Striking contrail shadow image from the magical sunset skies of northern New Mexico.

View larger. | Photo by Richard Hasbrouck in New Mexico.

Sometimes, if conditions are just right, you might see a shadow cast by a contrail. Richard Hasbrouck in Rinconada in northern New Mexico captured not one but two contrail shadows in this 2005 image. We don’t typically publish images from so long ago, but this one is really special. Richard wrote:

Looking up I saw two, sunset-illuminated contrails crossing, with one having a very unusual twisted shape. As a bonus, there was the waxing crescent moon and Venus. It was only after processing that I saw the shadows cast by both contrails.

Thank you, Richard!

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BTW, the photos on this page show contrails, not chemtrails.

Deborah Byrd