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Comet PANSTARRS near Andromeda galaxy

Comet PANSTARRS near andromeda
Comet PANSTARRS near the Andromeda Galaxy. Photo from our friend Tommy Eliassen Photography. Thank you, Tommy!

Have you been able to see Comet PANSTARRS? It’s still up there, visible in early April 2013 near the Andromeda Galaxy, as shown in this wonderful photo by EarthSky Facebook friend Tommy Eliassen Photography. The comet is up in the northwest very shortly after sunset – and in the northeast before dawn. To see it, you will need a dark sky, and binoculars.

Look here for charts of PANSTARRS and the Andromeda Galaxy in early April 2013

The comet is in a darker sky now than it was in March. Many are spotting it who could not see it previously. But you’ll still have to search for it!

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Everything you need to know about PANSTARRS in early April 2013

April 2, 2013
Today's Image

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