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Crepuscular rays in a smoky Alberta sky

Black and white photo of a cloud in front of the sun with rays emendating
Image via Sheryl R. Garrison.

Photographer Sheryl R. Garrison described her image, taken Thursday afternoon (May 30, 2019) in southern Alberta, Canada, as:

Crepuscular rays fueled by early season forest fires.

Alberta, Canada, has been experiencing a difficult fire season already. The satellite image below is from a day earlier (May 29). The entire province looks as though it is completely engulfed in smoke.

View larger. | There are 5 large areas of satellite “hot spots” that are visible in this natural-color satellite image collected by the Terra satellite on May 29, 2019. Read more. Image via NASA.

Bottom line: Photo of crepuscular rays in a smoky sky over Alberta, Canada, at the beginning of fire season 2019.

June 3, 2019
Today's Image

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