Sokokis Lookout

Sokokis Lookout in Maine, USA—also known as the Limerick Scenic Overlook—is a sightseeing area atop the hill on Route 5, overlooking Sokokis Lake. The site is open round the clock, day and night, with about a dozen parking spots are available. There is a famous directional sign which points out to Mt. Washington, Sokokis Lake and Hoosac Mountain, among other locations. The site enjoys a rating of class 3 in the Bortle Dark-Sky scale—a good rating for the New England area in general—and the person who recommended it to EarthSky states that Sokokis Lookout is “a roadside lookout here in southern Maine [that] has great daytime views of Mount Washington, and an expansive view of the night sky.”

May 4, 2021

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