Los Negros de Azua

Los Negros is a beach located in the province of Azua, Dominican Republic, some 60 miles (97 km) West of Santo Domingo, the country’s capital. Los Negros is a well-known destination, and the Dominican Astronomical Society (https://astrodom1.org/) has occasionally used this area for stargazing. As with all Dominican beaches, the site is accessible throughout the year and around the clock. The semidesert climate that prevails in the area encourages stargazing activities, as well as its rural skies that range from class 4 to class 3 in the Bortle Dark-Sky Scale. A stargazer told EarthSky the following: “Very dark skies and desert area with very little rainfall and year-round comfortable temperatures between about 68 °F at night to 84 °F in the day.”

January 14, 2019

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