EarthSky’s Jorge Salazar named among top 100 scientists on Twitter

EarthSky lead producer Jorge Salazar

Accredited online colleges named EarthSky lead producer Jorge Salazar among the top 100 scientists on Twitter in 2012. Salazar joins astronomer Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bill Nye the Science Guy and many other excellent and prominent scientists and science writers chosen for their great work communicating science.

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While scientists may have a reputation for being anti-social, when it comes to using social media you’ll find the best and brightest in diverse scientific fields taking full advantage of the chance to connect with laymen and other scientists alike. Twitter is full of opportunities to hear what these scientists have to say, follow their work, and even start a conversation. Here, we’ve collected 100 amazing scientists that use Twitter (listed by category, not ranking) that provide perfect reading material for anyone hoping to learn more about a field or just keep up with the latest in research and writing on some seriously interesting topics.

You’ll find Jorge on Twitter at @Jorge_Salazar.

Congratulations, Jorge!

The EarthSky promise: “To bring the ideas, strategies, and research results of scientists to people around the world, with the goal of illuminating pathways to a sustainable future.”

March 14, 2012

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