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Is telekinesis real?

With the premiere of the new season of Netflix’s creepy, 1980s adventure Stranger Things, neuroscientist S. Marc Breedlove examines the reality behind the power wielded by the mysterious character Eleven: telekinesis — the ability to manipulate and move objects with the mind.

Breedlove, professor of neuroscience at Michigan State University, is an expert on the development of the nervous system. In this video, he talks about the history of telekinesis and the complexity of the human brain.

And … what about the Upside Down? Do parallel universes exist? Here’s a video on that topic. Michigan State University astrophysicist Johannes Pollanen travels back to the 1980s to analyze the strange and supernatural world of the Upside Down. Pollanen, an expert on experimental condensed matter physics, discusses the possibility and science of parallel universes.

Bottom line: In the Netflix series Stranger Things, the mysterious and powerful Eleven moves objects with her mind. Possible, or total sci-fi? A video explores the science of telekinesis. Plus a video on the Upside Down. Do parallel universes exist?

Via Michigan State University

November 1, 2017
Human World

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