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Top 7 EarthSky galleries of 2017

Here are the most popular photo galleries from 2017:

Moon sweeps past Venus and Mars. As 2017 opened, the young moon swept past dazzling Venus in the west after sunset. Mars was there, too, and, for those with optical aid, Neptune! Go to gallery.

As seen from the Northern Hemisphere, the moon, Venus and Mars arced up and to the left of the sunset Sunday evening, January 1, 2017. Photo by Gowrishankar Lakshminarayanan Parsippany, New Jersey. More photos here.

February 10-11 lunar eclipse. A penumbral eclipse is subtle, but has a quiet beauty all its own. Go to gallery.

February 10, 2017 full moon rising over northeast Oklahoma, with a tinge of Earth’s penumbral shadow visible. Photo by Mike O’Neal. More photos.

Moon and Jupiter. Wonderful photos of the moon and Jupiter on June 3, 2017, from around the world. Go to gallery.

Moon and Jupiter on June 3, 2017 from Deirdre Horan in Dublin, Ireland. More photos.

Summer full moon. EarthSky friends are moon-lovers! Favorite photos of the July 2017 full moon from EarthSky friends around the world. Go to gallery.

John Ashley at Glacier National Park, Montana, wrote: “The July 2017 full moon rises over Mount Saint Nicholas on its way into a warm summer dusk. Video on my FB page at JohnAshleyFineArt. More photos. ”

Total solar eclipse. We received many more wonderful photos of the August 21 eclipse than for any prior event. Go to gallery.

Sue Waddell contributed this eclipse composite from Eastview, Kentucky, where there was a 98.3% eclipse. More photos.

Orionid meteor shower. October’s Orionid meteor shower didn’t disappoint. Go to gallery.

Composite image of meteors seen on the morning of October 21, 2017 from Simon Lee Waldram of Fuerteshoot in Spain. More photos.

A grand year for the Geminids. December’s Geminid meteor shower was thought to have a better-than-average chance of producing a rich display, since the Geminids’ parent body – a strange rock-comet called 3200 Phaethon – is nearby. And so it was! Go to gallery.

“The Geminids are good,” reported veteran meteor observer Eliot Herman in Tucson, Arizona, who captured this fireball on the morning of December 14 around 4 a.m. More photos.

Bottom line: Favorite Earthsky photo galleries of 2017.

December 30, 2017

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