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We love sunflowers! Your best photos

You can’t look at sunflowers and feel sad

We asked you to share your sunflowers pics for our 2022 sunflower gallery, and wow! Here are some of our favorites. Enjoy! Thank you so much to everyone who shared photos with us!

You can see more photos of sunflowers – and lots of other cool things – at EarthSky Community Photos.

Closeup of a sunflower. There are other green plants in the background.
View at EarthSky Community Photos. | Julie Rexroad in Bucyrus, Ohio, took this photo on the morning of July 9, 2022. She wrote: “The first sunflower to bloom in my garden this year!”
Sunflower with orangish petals.
View at EarthSky Community Photos. | Sarah Whittle, in Gloucestershire, England, captured this image on July 15, 2022, and wrote: “Sunflower in my garden. Have planted about 12 to encourage a variety of insects.” Thanks Sarah!
Bees on a sunflower.
View at EarthSky Community Photos. | Olga Zueva of Schwirian Farms in Pennsylvania took this photo on July 11, 2022. “Sunflower power:)”, she wrote.
Ladybug on the back of a yellow sunflower.
View at EarthSky Community Photos. | Tawnya Silloway of Colorado Springs, Colorado, wrote, “I love sunflowers and lady bugs and I found them together.” Thanks Tawnya!
Orange sunflower with a drop of water on it.
View at EarthSky Community Photos. | Anne Jones in Boerne, Texas, wrote: “A sunflower enjoys a rare rain shower.” Thanks Anne!
Close up of a backlit, pale yellow sunflower with tousled petals.
Image via Eleni Ioannou.
Closed yellow sunflower surrounded by green leaf-like sepals.
Sherri DeLozier Carter said: “This has always been one of my favorite sunflower pics I’ve taken.”
Closeup center of sunflower with bright yellow petals around it.
Photo via Mary Kate Best.
Closeup of a sunflower center with a bee on the edge of the center.
Photo by Shivani Kumar.
3 panels of 2 little girls looking up at a tall sunflower.
Photo via Jessica Pinkerton.
A field of backlit sunflowers under a partly sunny sky.
Laura Bates-Haberstroh took this photo in Middleton, Wisconsin.
Bee and orange-and-black butterfly on two small red-orange sunflowers.
Curtis Beaird wrote: “Bees, butterflies and hummingbirds love these sunflowers. Mexican sunflower, Japanese sunflower (Tithonia diversifolia) … We had a field day with the 6 plants that managed to germinate and grow. Birds really like the seeds.”
Fringe-edged leaves enclosing sunflower bud on hairy stem.
Tzila Z Duenzl said: “I believe the buds are as beautiful as the flower … and as beautiful as any lotus. Texas wild sunflower.”
2 sunflowers brightly lit from the side.
Photo by Sam Marshall.
A stand of tall yellow sunflowers with wide round black centers.
“Hi, you asked for pictures of sunflowers. Here are some I grew on my allotment.” Image via Clarita.
Sunflower from below, night sky, blurry yellow moon.
Image via Marcia White Bower.
Closeup of sunflower from the side with at least 4 bees on it.
Jenni Wallis-Moreno wrote: “The bees say thanks to their bird pals for planting some sunflowers in the yard.”
Drooping yellow sunflower with green center.
Allee Bennett Farey wrote: “A neighboring farmer plants acres of sunflowers each year for birds & pollinators.”
Small black and yellow bird perched on top of sunflower plant.
Photo via Paula J Quatkemeyer. She wrote: “Female goldfinch, loving the volunteer sunflowers, one petal at a time. My backyard, Dent, Ohio.”
Butterfly with eye-like spots on its wings on a sunflower.
Jennifer Coulter said: “The common buckeye butterfly & a South Carolina sunflower … a match made in heaven!”
Field of red-centered sunflowers under a bright blue sky.
Chapin, South Carolina. Image via Jennifer Coulter.
Sunflower with black center and petals marked with red next to center.
From central Louisiana, by Benjamin Lewis.
Silhouette of large sunflower against a twilight sky.
Selby, South Dakota. Photo via Eric Miller.
Orangish sunflower in bright sun and more sunflowers in the background.
Photo via Pleskonics Ferenc.
Array of plate-like yellow sunflowers with brown centers against a sunset.
“Here’s a sunset from last August in Western Michigan.” Photo via Rick Trommater.
Closeup of sunflower from the side against blue sky with small white half moon.
“Vincent Van Gogh aimait les tournesols, j’en ai choisi un hier soir pour accompagner le gros Quartier de Lune.” [“Vincent Van Gogh loved sunflowers, I chose one last night to accompany the big quarter moon.”] Photo via Jean-Baptiste Feldmann.
Closeup of part of a bright yellow flower with wide dark center.
“Full bloom~Okinawa” Photo via Beverly Fish.
Closeup of 2 yellow bees on center of sunflower showing disc flowers.
Michelle Whitaker wrote: “Bees in one of my sunflowers. Sparks, Nevada.”
Green bug on sunflower with striking double-spiral center.
“Sunflower with ‘Green Guy.’ The last of the sun today before the rains came. South Georgia. Having fun with sunflowers we planted around the bird feeders.” Photo via Curtis Beaird.
Small red sunflower with yellow-tipped petals and bright black center. Purple background.
“Happy Face – Taken in my backyard in Salt Lake City, Utah.” Photo via Shanna Dennis.
Straggly sunflower plant with other colorful flowers.
Flagstaff, Arizona. Photo via Jamie Fontana Galea.

Here are 10 fun facts about sunflowers

Bottom line: We love sunflowers at EarthSky! You can’t look at a sunflower and feel sad. Here are some great photos you shared with us. Smile!

July 20, 2022

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