Popocatépetl volcano erupts twice, spews ash

Popocatépetl: A volcano with a large plume of ash spewing from it.
Popocatépetl volcano on September 9, 2022. Image via Webcamsdemexico/ CENAPRED.

Popocatépetl volcano erupted twice Friday

Popocatépetl volcano – an active stratovolcano located just 43 miles (70 km) southeast of Mexico City – had two explosions yesterday (September 9, 2022) before dawn local time. The name Popocatépetl is pronounced poh-poh-kah-TEH-peh-til. Both eruptions spewed ash into the atmosphere, which can be a hazard for aviation. The Volcanic Ash Advisory Center in Washington, D.C., issued an advisory about a volcanic ash plume that rose up to an estimated 23,000 feet (7,000 meters) in altitude. But, by Saturday morning (September 10), the ash was dissipating.

According to Mexico’s National Center for Disaster Prevention (CENAPRED) in Mexico, the ejecta from Popocatépetl contained not just ash but also water vapor, volcanic gases and some incandescent fragments.

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Its name means Smoking Mountain

Popocatépetl, which means the Smoking Mountain, can be seen on clear days from Mexico City.

Bottom line: Popocatépetl volcano near Mexico City is an active volcano. Its smoke plume can be seen from Mexico City on clear days. But on September 9, 2022, it released ash that could endanger aircraft.

September 10, 2022

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