Supernumerary rainbow over NYC

Look inside the bright primary bow for colorful fringes, whose number and spacing can change from minute to minute. Alexander Krivenyshev caught this one over New York City on Saturday, July 8.

Supernumerary rainbow over New York City – July 8, 2017 – by Alexander Krivenyshev of

Here’s a classic example of a supernumerary rainbow, seen this weekend over New York. Les Cowley at Atmospheric Optics has written of this type of rainbow:

Look slightly inside a bright primary bow and sometimes you will see one or more predominantly green, pink and purple fringes. Their numbers and spacing can change from minute to minute. They are seen most often near the top of the bow …

Thank you, Alexander, for your photo!

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Les Cowley said “predominantly green, pink and purple fringes” characterize a supernumerary rainbow. July 8 photo by Alexander Krivenyshev of

Bottom line: Supernumerary rainbow NYC July 8, 2017.

Deborah Byrd