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6.8-magnitude earthquake rocks Pakistan on September 28

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) is reporting at 6.8 magnitude earthquake in Pakistan earlier today (September 28, 2013). Some are calling this an aftershock of the 7.7-magnitude quake that struck in this same region on Tuesday, September 24, which – according to Aljazeera – killed some 515 people and left 100,000 homeless. Tuesday’s earthquake also raised a new “earthquake island” off Pakistan’s southern coast. USGS has given today’s quake a yellow or medium alert for estimated fatalities and economic losses.

The quake comes to a region where conditions following Tuesday’s quake are said to be “desperate.” The BBC reported yesterday that attempts to rescue people trapped by Tuesday’s earthquake are being hampered by insurgent attacks. Al Jazeera said:

Al Jazeera’s Kamal Hyder, reporting from Awaran Thursday, said conditions were desperate among the survivors and many were going without food, water and shelter, having lost everything in the quake.

Pakistan earthquake September 28, 2013
Pakistan earthquake September 28, 2013. Image via USGS.

Here are the details of today’s earthquake, which will likely be considered an aftershock of the larger September 24 quake, from the USGS:

Event Time
2013-09-28 07:34:07 UTC
2013-09-28 12:34:07 UTC+05:00 at epicenter

27.263°N 65.587°E

Depth=14.8km (9.2mi)

Nearby Cities
96km (60mi) NNE of Awaran, Pakistan
135km (84mi) NNW of Bela, Pakistan
147km (91mi) S of Kharan, Pakistan
151km (94mi) SSW of Surab, Pakistan
811km (504mi) ENE of Muscat, Oman

Bottom line: A 6.8-magnitude earthquake has occurred on September 28, 2013 less than a week after the stronger quake that killed hundreds and left many thousands homeless.

September 28, 2013

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