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See it! Full Hunter’s Moon

The November full moon is also called the Beaver Moon. You can see all the full moon names here. Maggie NY wrote, “November’s Beaver Moon over New York.”
Hunter’s Moon from Indiana by Carol Spicuzzi.
Full moon from Martin Marthadinata in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. He wrote: “Hi EarthSky, I captured full moon in Surabaya just 30 minutes before set in dawn on November 4, 2017. For image composition, I took location Air Traffic Control Tower Juanda International Airport.”
November 4 Hunter’s Moon rising over downtown Halifax, Canada, via Iaroslav Kourzenkov.
Swami Krishnananda in Ranchi, India wrote: “What is known as Hunter’s Moon in the West is called Kartik Purnima in India, and it is a sacred festival celebrated all over India. The photo was taken in Ranchi during this celebration, when a marble temple dedicated to Paramahansa Yogananda [author of the amazing book Autobiography of a Yogi] was lit up with candles.” Thank you, Swami Krishnananda!
Full moon rising over the Bothnian Sea, Sweden, on November 4, 2017 via Jörgen Norrland Andersson.
Helio C. Vital was at Saquarema Beach, Brazil – near Rio de Janeiro – when he caught the rising moon in the midst of anti-crespuscular rays on November 3, 2017. By the way, although the entire Earth sees a full moon within a single 24-hour period, the Hunter’s Moon is a Northern Hemisphere phenomenon at this time of year. The Southern Hemisphere has its Hunter’s Moon in April or May.

Peter Lowenstein – also in the Southern Hemisphere, in Mutare, Zimbabwe – caught the moon on the morning of November 4. His video is above. He wrote: “I got up early to observe the full moon setting but was disappointed to see that there was a lot of cloud around. The whole moon was only visible for a few moments at a time before being covered again. However, by amazing good fortune, a small letterbox gap developed beneath the cloud immediately above Christmas Pass allowing it peep through for four minutes before disappearing below the horizon. This lucky catch was recorded in a series of 91 still photographs which were used to produce the accompanying time-lapse animation. The camera used was a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ60 in night scenery mode.”

Stephanie Whitman wrote, “Hunter’s Moon 2017 as seen with my 20mm telescope lens from Dunlap, Illinois.”

C.B. Devgun in New Delhi, India wrote on November 4: “Tonight’s full moon with Pleiades? No! While shooting the moon, a few hanging LEDs came in between … and made this beautiful Bokeh effect!”
Full Hunter’s Moon from Sandys Parish, Bermuda – November 3, 2017 – via Dominique Williams.
November 3, 2017 moon over Bloomington, Indiana via Ken Meadows.
Geri Abbott Glavis captured the moon rising in Burlington, North Carolina.

Mike Cohea – whose video is above – was in Newport, Rhode Island on November 3, when the full moon rose just as a cruise ship was passing … Nice timing, Mike!

A kiss under the November 3, 2017 full moon, via our friend Lunar 101 Moon Book. He was at Port Credit, a neighbourhood in the city of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada … at the mouth of the Credit River on the northern shore of Lake Ontario.
April Singer Photography captured this photo on November 3 and wrote: “One in a series of shots as the Hunter’s Moon rose over the Sangre de Cristo mountains. It started as a glow behind that patch of clouds and then rose until it was out of the clouds. Beautiful moonrise. Northern New Mexico, USA.
John Entwistle Photography wrote on November 4: “Predawn colors as the full Beaver Moon set behind the Twin Lights Lighthouse early this morning, Jersey Shore, New Jersey.”
And, as always, the moon moves on in its orbit around Earth. The moon is now a waning moon. This one was caught – at 99% illumination – on the morning of November 5, 2017 as seen from Sabah, North Borneo by Jenney Disimon.

Bottom line: Photos of the November 2017 full Hunter’s Moon.

November 4, 2017
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