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See it! Jupiter, Venus and the young moon

Lunar 101-Moon Book wrote, “September 12, 2018: Moon, Venus, Jupiter, and me. I added a cloned moon about 3 degrees from Jupiter to show the approximate location of the September 13 moon.”
Crescent moon with Jupiter (below left of moon) and Venus (below right, above the buildings) on September 13, 2018. Taken from the Big Four Bridge in Louisville, Kentucky by Duke Marsh.
From the Southern Hemisphere, the moon, Venus and Jupiter appeared oriented differently, and higher in the sky after sunset. Photo by Michael Coonan in Wodonga, Victoria, Australia.
A close-up view of the moon on September 13, 2018 from Russ Adams in Pike, Colorado.
View larger. | Marsha Kirschbaum caught the moon and planets on September 12, 2018. She wrote: “I arrived at my chosen site in the Schulman Grove in the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, California … the clouds were still picking up color from the sun, even though it was below the horizon. The sky was too beautiful to ignore. I turned my camera from the direction of the Milky Way to capture this scene. One by one, the brightest planets and stars appeared. On the left of the crescent moon is Jupiter; below it is Venus.”
Uwe Sartori took this photo in Littleton, Colorado, on September 12. Uwe wrote, “After my EarthSky morning read yesterday, I was dialed into looking into the evening sky to see the planetary cluster of Jupiter, Moon and Venus. A nice sunset framed a view that did not disappoint. One thing I am learning about star/planet gazing is that you have to snag the looks when you can. Clear skies are never guaranteed. :)”
Jody Lundquist captured this image on September 12, 2018. She wrote, “After complete overcast the last few nights here in rural Kentucky, it was nice to have peekaboo clouds with the moon, Venus and Jupiter . The clouds enhanced the image with their own beauty.”
Peter Rodney Breaux captured Jupiter, Venus and the moon over the Jemez Mountains in New Mexico on September 11.
Venus (above the trees, left of moon), Jupiter (in the clouds, upper left of photo) and the moon. Photographer April Singer wrote, “Mars was to the left, out of the shot. If I had more time I would have stitched a couple shots but it was nice just to observe as the moon set this evening. New Mexico, USA.”
The moon and Venus by Desic Ilija Photography.
Setting crescent moon over Lake Monona, Madison, Wisconsin, September 11, 2018 by Suzanne Murphy.
“Moon and Venus, looking west over Point Pelee, Ontario,” by Nancy Barkley.
A. Kannan caught the moon and Venus over Singapore on September 12, 2018.

Bottom line: Photos of Jupiter, Venus, and the crescent moon in September 2018.

September 14, 2018
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