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When Saturn eclipses the sun

In 2006, the Cassini spacecraft saw Saturn eclipse the sun. These eclipses are rare, but another is due to happen on July 19, 2013.

Saturn eclipsing the sun, as seen by Cassini spacecraft in 2006. More about this image. Credit: CICLOPS, JPL, ESA, NASA

Saturn eclipsing the sun, as seen by Cassini spacecraft, in the year 2006. More about this image. Image via CICLOPS, JPL, ESA, NASA

We humans have acquired only two images of Earth from the outer solar system – ever. Soon we’ll have a third, thanks to a Saturn eclipse that’s coming up on July 19, 2013. On that day, as the sun’s brilliant light is blocked by Saturn, Cassini will attempt to get the third-ever photo of Earth taken from the outer solar system.

See the first two photos of Earth from deep space – and learn more about the July 19 Saturn eclipse – here.

Deborah Byrd


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