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Waxing toward a supermoon, with rainbow

Kimmie Randall caught this photo of Thursday night’s gibbous moon, waxing toward the supermoon … with a portion of a rainbow. Beautiful!

Waxing gibbous moon on August 7, 2014, with a portion of a rainbow, by Kimmie Randall

Waxing gibbous moon on August 7, 2014, with a portion of a rainbow. Photo by Kimmie Randall

All eyes are on the moon this weekend, with a supermoon coming up on Sunday. It’s not just any supermoon, but the closest supermoon of this year. The moon on both Saturday and Sunday nights will appear very round and full – and very beautiful. As seen from across the Earth, the moon will be rising around the time of sunset and will be in the sky all night.

Full moon falls on August 10, 2014 at 18:09 UTC (1:09 p.m. CDT in the U.S.).

The moon will be closest to Earth (356,856 km) at approximately that same time (18:00 UTC).

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Deborah Byrd


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