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Stunning view of solar flare

On April 17, an active region on the sun’s right side released a mid-level solar flare, which can be seen in this video as a bright flash of light.

Does this jellyfish look like a spaceship, or what?

Video of a spectacular jellyfish that floated past NOAA’s ROV on April 24, 2016 in the Mariana Trench – deepest oceanic trench on the planet.

Popocatépetl volcano hurls rock and fire

On Monday, giant Popocatépetl volcano – Mexico’s most active volcano – erupted again in an especially explosive way. The videos on this page show the eruption, which spewed ash three miles into the sky, and hurled hot rocks and lava upward.

See Death Valley’s 2016 superbloom

AMARGOSA SUPERBLOOM from Harun Mehmedinovic on Vimeo.

Did you miss last month’s superbloom in Death Valley National Park? If so, never fear. Our friend Harun Mehmedinovic got in touch this week with word of another cool video – titled Amargosa Superbloom – visiting Death Valley National Park and Amargosa Valley during 2016’s rare wildflower superbloom. Ahhhh.

Video: Amazing moons of our solar system

Yes, we’re eager to explore the other planets in our solar system. But the solar system moons might be even more interesting …

Video: What is a pulsar?

A pulsar is a rapidly spinning neutron star which is the small, incredibly dense remnant of much more massive star. How dense? A teaspoon of matter from a neutron star weighs as much as Mount Everest.

Video: Beauty of the northern lights

Gorgeous 5-minute video of the northern lights in February and March 2016 – captured in still images, panoramas, time-lapse and real-time videos.

Watch giant ice bridge collapse

An ice bridge collapsed at Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina earlier this month. Hundreds of tourists and locals gathered to witness the dramatic event.

Video: Mars and Saturn in 2016

Video of this year’s oppositions of Mars and Saturn, in front of the constellations Libra and Scorpius. Notice Mars appearing larger around its May 22 opposition! Lots more, plus essential links, inside.

Video of closest comet in 246 years

It’s small, but, because it’s so close to us, it appears to be moving very fast across our sky. Image and video by EarthSky community member Greg Hogan.