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Wow! Nearby TRAPPIST-1 has 7 planets

Big discovery! NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope has revealed 7 Earth-sized planets orbiting a tiny star only 40 light-years away. Three of them are firmly in the habitable zone.

Sick of watching politics? Watch live panda cam

Listen to the birds chirping and watch the giant panda loll around and chew on bamboo. Peace!

Watch drone video of Falcon 9 landing

You’ve probably seen footage of rockets taking off, but here’s Falcon 9 returning to Earth and landing safely after its launch on Sunday.

Compare sizes of sun and stars

It’s hard to comprehend the sheer size of objects in space, but take 2 minutes and give it a try!

The Science Love Song

Bizarrely heart-warming, from the guys at ASAPScience.

Today in science: Spacecraft destroys sundog

Coolest space launch ever! Watch what happened when a spacecraft launch destroyed a sundog, in the process bringing to light a new form of ice halo.

Northern U.S. meteor dazzles thousands

Early Monday morning, thousands of people across multiple northern U.S. states watched a brilliant meteor streak across the sky. It then plunged into Lake Michigan.

Lost continent under Indian Ocean?

Evidence in rocks of a “lost continent,” thought to be leftover after the ancient supercontinent Gondwana began breaking up some 200 million years ago.

Frog tongue in super slo-mo action

Frog snags cricket with its ‘bungee cord’ tongue. Watch it in super slo-mo and find out why it works so well.

History of global temperature 1880-2016

Take 14 seconds to watch the change in Earth’s surface temperature from 1880 through 2016.

Opportunity celebrates 13 years on Mars

Last week, NASA’s rover Opportunity celebrated 13 Earth-years exploring Mars. She’s officially a teenager. This new video explains 6 ways she’s behaving like one.

When lava meets sea

Time-lapse of sea and sky shot on Hawaii in December. Watch what happens as lava flow from the Kilauea Volcano meets the ocean.

Asteroid buzzed Earth and moon January 25

Asteroid 2017 BX – found just days ago – is maybe about as big as a house. It passed safely Tuesday night or Wednesday, depending on your time zone.

What’s killing these galaxies?

It’s an astrophysical whodunnit. Across the universe, galaxies are being killed. Scientists want to know, what’s killing them?

2016 hottest year for 3rd straight year

NASA and NOAA announced today that 2016 was the hottest year on record globally – and the 3rd year in a row of record warming – continuing a decades-long warming trend.

Watch soap bubbles freeze

A photographer in St. Paul, Minnesota captured this mesmerizing footage of soap bubbles freezing. It looks like time-lapse but it’s actually in real time!

Seeking Alpha Centauri’s unseen planets

A new agreement between the European Southern Observatory and Breakthrough Initiatives will let ESO’s Very Large Telescope seek planets in the star system next door.

NASA begins new astronaut sleep study

A new NASA study is investigating how different light intensities and spectra can be used to help regulate astronauts’ patterns of alertness and sleep.

NASA announces 2 new asteroid missions

NASA’s new Lucy mission will tour 6 Trojan asteroids in Jupiter’s orbit. The other mission will go to 16 Psyche, a metal asteroid.

Star predicted to explode in 2022

If and when 2 stars in this binary system merge – as predicted – they’ll increase in brightness 10 thousandfold, temporarily becoming a bright star in Earth’s sky.