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Venus and Saturn above the fog

Venus (bottom) and Saturn (top) appear above the fog on Sunday September 15, 2013 about 65 minutes after sunset. Image credit: Bob King

Venus and Saturn will occupy the same binocular field of view from about September 15 to September 21.

Bob King aka Astro Bob had this to say about finding Saturn in the evening sky:

I easily saw it with the naked eye last night three fingers (5 degrees) above and left of Venus starting about 40 minutes after sunset.

Although Saturn shines as brilliantly as a first-magnitude star, Venus outshines Saturn by about 80 times. If you can’t see Saturn on these September evenings, try aiming binoculars at Venus to spot Saturn nearby.

More on spotting Venus and Saturn here

Thanks Astro Bob for this beautiful image!!

September 17, 2013
Today's Image

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