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Sub-auroral arc over Peyto Lake, Alberta

A vast, multicolored arc set against a background of green northern lights.
View larger on Flickr. | Auroral arc panorama (STEVE) from Christy Turner Photography. Used with permission.

Christy Turner posted this amazing arc on Flickr on September 10, while reminding us that STEVE stands for Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement. In this photo, the arc appears with the northern lights, and, as Christy writes, it’s:

… a very cool phenomenon!

This series of photos I shot have been published as a co-author in the Journal of Geophysical Research Letters, Space Physics in collaboration with Dr. Stephen Mende at UC Berkeley, thereby contributing to space weather research! Exciting use for my photos! I continue to do active data collection for Berkeley.

I shoot with Tamron lenses, in this case Tamron 15-30F2.8

Follow more of my internationally published aurora borealis work and more here:

Thanks for allowing us to publish your photo, Christy!

Read Christy’s blog post on chasing sub-auroral arcs

Bottom line: Sub-auroral arc (STEVE) with the northern lights over Peyto Lake, Alberta.

September 15, 2019
Today's Image

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