The Double Cluster in Perseus

The Double Cluster in Perseus consists of 2 star clusters, each containing supergiant suns. Individually, the clusters are known as h and Chi Persei.

The Double Cluster in Perseus, via Tom Wildoner at The Dark Side Observatory in Weatherly, Pennsylvania.

Tom Wildoner wrote:

Here is a view of the famous double cluster in the constellation Perseus (between Perseus and Cassiopeia). They are also designated NGC 869 and NGC 884. Check out the red supergiants in this view!

Tech Specs: Sky-Watcher Esprit 120mm ED Triplet APO Refractor, Celestron CGEM-DX mount, Canon 6D stock camera, ISO 3200, 20 x 60 second exposures with dark/bias frames, guided using a ZWO ASI290MC and Orion 60mm guide scope. Image date: October 1, 2018. Location: The Dark Side Observatory, Weatherly, PA, USA.

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Double Cluster in Perseus

Here’s the relationship between the prominent M or W shape of Cassiopeia and the Double Cluster in Perseus. Read more: Meet the Double Cluster.

Bottom line: Photo of the Double Cluster in Perseus.

Deborah Byrd