Airglow over Little Grand Canyon, Utah

The light of excited atoms and molecules, high over Utah’s own smaller version of the Grand Canyon.

Photo by Marc Toso of the website, at Little Grand Canyon, Utah.

Marc Toso captured this image on October 21, 2017. He wrote:

The Little Grand Canyon is a spectacular canyon in the San Rafael Swell of Utah. It’s not very far from the town of Price, yet light pollution is minimal, especially if photographing to the south. On this particular night beautiful red and green airglow was captured by the camera. Airglow can sometimes be faintly visible to the naked eye, but long exposures modern digital sensors are sensitive to recording it. Both the green and red colors are from oxygen at from different heights of the atmosphere.

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Bottom line: Photo of airglow over Little Grand Canyon, Utah.

Deborah Byrd