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Milky Way over Utah, and a moonlit blue hour

Milky Way over Goblin Valley State Park, Utah, by Mike Taylor.  View more at Mike Taylor Photo
Milky Way over Utah by Mike Taylor. View more at Mike Taylor Photo

Mike Taylor captured this photo, and he wrote:

The Milky Way rises above the desert dunes at Goblin Valley State Park near Green River, Utah while the setting crescent moon lights up the foreground and creates a ‘blue hour’ glow in the sky.

Photographers like Mike speak of the blue hour fondly because it’s a great time to take photos. Sometimes, you might hear them refer to it as sweet light. Normally, we’d of the blue hour as a period of twilight each morning and evening, when the sun is fairly below the horizon. As such times, indirect sunlight gives the sky and landscape a bluish hue. In this case, the indirect light is being caused by the moon behind sand dunes in Goblin Valley.

Thank you, Mike!

What is the blue hour?

August 26, 2014
Today's Image

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