Mars, the moon, a bottle rocket

It’s been a gala summer for Mars!

What’s awesome about this photo is that the bottlerocket is nearly the same red as the planet Mars, located to the moon’s right in this photo by Glenn Hughson. Used with permission.

Glenn Hughson in Thompson Township, Michigan, caught Mars – still at its brightest in Earth’s sky since 2003 – near the moon on July 28, 2018. He wrote:

We were launching bottle rockets on the shore of Lake Michigan as the moon and Mars both rose over the horizon. There was no mistaking that reddish glow of Mars!

Canon 70D, 6s exposure

Thanks, Glenn!

Mars will be near the moon again – all night – on August 22 and 23, 2018:

The moon has passed Saturn and will be near Mars on August 22. Read more.

Watch for the moon and Mars on August 23, too. Read more.

Bottom line: Mars, the moon, a bottle rocket from the shores of Lake Michigan.

Deborah Byrd