July 2 solar eclipse from La Serena, Chile

EarthSky friend Eliot Herman traveled to Chile to capture the July 2, 2019, total solar eclipse in all its glory.

Sun midway up in the sky, the black moon silhouette in front of it, people stand on a beach under a darkened sky.

View larger. | The scene on the beach during totality – darkness during the daytime on July 2, 2019 – in La Serena, Chile. Photo by Eliot Herman.

Dark moon silhouette with the fiery corona surrounding it.

View larger. | The beautiful totality of the July 2, 2019, total solar eclipse, as captured from La Serena, Chile, by Eliot Herman. Thank you, Eliot!

Dark moon silhouette, with beads of light along one rim.

View larger. | During totality, a row of brilliant points of sunlight shines through valleys on the edge of the moon. These beads of light – called Baily’s Beads – are seen for a few seconds just before and after the central phase. Photo from La Serena, Chile – July 2, 2019 – via Eliot Herman.

Bottom line: Photos of the July 2, 2019, total eclipse.

Deborah Byrd